Masterkey Systems

Locksmith Brisbane

Here at Lock2Lock Locksmiths Brisbane your security is our top priority. From the small town shops to million dollar businesses, we can help you plan and install a Masterkey system for you anywhere in Brisbane. High level key systems, commonly called Masterkey systems, control and restrict access to any areas within a building. High security lock systems ensure the keys cannot be duplicated without the correct person authorised.

Planning is extremely important with Masterkey systems. You need something that will function well from day one, but that is easily able to be expanded as needed. Over a decade of experience is on your side with our commercial locksmiths, we ensure the perfect system is installed for you by assessing your building’s needs and discussing potential expansions.

When planning a security upgrade, here are a few things to consider with Masterkeyed locks:

  • Patented cylinders increase the security of locksmiths.
  • Patented cylinders minimized the cost of security maintenance fees over a long period of time.
  • Masterkey locks provide a good bade for key management.
  • They can easily be set up with audit trail capabilities (who entered and when).
  • Keycode systems can only be expanded if it is preplanned from the beginning.