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AMC SS900 Wireless Bi-directional Shock Detector

Product Code: AMSS900

SS900 is a small device; it has 2 completely separable and partition-able configurable inputs: an internal micro seismic detector and a clamped input for an external generic contact.

It communicates with the control panel by a bidirectional digital radio transmission channel to avoid signal collisions or band saturation and ensure high stability and precision. The 128 bit AES encryption code guarantee an high security. It’s provided with anti-opening protection.

It’s also supervised (automatic life test). The standard lithium-ions battery allows a very long duration.

Dimensions: 37 (W) x 78 (H) x 21 mm (D).


Brand AMC
Finish White
Wireless Alarm System Yes
Type of Detector Seismic/Shock Detector with Reed Switch