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AMC X824 Kit A. LCD Light KP 3 x Smile 20P Pet Digital PIRs

Product Code: AMX824KITA

The AMC X824 series of control panels and accessories enables installers and end users to benefit from a wide range of products and features suited to both wired and wireless input applications.

The control panel has audio support on board and is equipped of 8/32 zones, expandable to 16/64. It is possible to obtain more zones by double and triple EOL split line (X412-X824).

The panel can be controlled by new App AMC MANAGER (iOS / Android) with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software. The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module.

The X824 series offers incredible value for money and comprehensive solutions to today’s security problems.

  • 8 – 32 wired zones.
  • 64 wireless zones.
  • Up to 32 users.
  • 5 on board outputs – expandable to 8 (with expansions and keypads).
  • Easy rolling menu for fast programming on the KLCD Light keypad.
  • 4 true partitioned areas with separate arming.
  • Automatic arm/disarm and output activation.
  • Access control capabilities with hardwired readers.
  • User friendly programming and operation.
  • Easy installation.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x AMC X824 8/32 zone alarm panel.
  • 1 x KLCD Light keypad with 2 configurable lines as inputs and/or outputs.
  • 3 x Smile 20/P digital PIRs with built-in EOL, creep zone & 15kg pet immunity.
  • 1 x built-in dialler.
  • 1 x telephone line cord.
  • 1 x top hat piezo siren.
  • 1 x slimline external siren & strobe light.
  • 1 x 18V AC 1.3 amp alarm panel plug pack.
  • 1 x 12V DC 7Ah sealed battery.
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