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Product Code: PM1048

Dual SIM 4G IP – Optional PSTN

The Permaconn solution provides a constant secure link between the supervised premises and the Central Station.

The PM1048 is a versatile alarm communicator that reports on 4G / 3G, IP and PSTN (optional) to the Central Station.

This unit can interface with a range of alarm panels using Contact ID. Alarm messages are sent using the clients ISP and are received by any Central Station that has the Permaconn solution installed.

Primary alarm path is 4G / 3G or IP if Ethernet cable fi tted, with PSTN backup when DI400 module installed.

  • Remote ‘over-the-air’ alarm panel Upload/Download using 4G / 3G or IP connection.
  • Serial input for STU interfaces.
  • Dual SIM IP PSTN alarm communicator.
  • Plug & Play solution.
  • 3 inputs 3 outputs, function control using Atlas or Pocket Secure.
  • Interfaces with any Contact ID alarm panel.
  • Supplied in robust metal enclosure.
  • Image displayed with optional DI400 module.

  • Secure VPN within Optus & Telstra networks – Dedicated for Permaconn events only.
  • AES128 encryption for alarm data – Secure transmissions over the public internet.
  • Various diagnostic LEDs – Easy installation.
  • Activate, commission and diagnose using Atlas – Seamless installation process.
  • Two dedicated wireless paths of communication as standard – Uptime in excess of 99.9%.
  • Ability to connect phone line if DI400 module installed – Four (4) paths of communication.
  • On board battery charger circuit – Backup battery can be fi tted for standalone operation.
  • Internal watchdog reset function – No unnecessary service call-outs.
  • Monitors & reports dialler interface lead status – Panel dialler to Permaconn interface secure.
  • Monitors and reports DC power and battery status – Reliable standalone operation.
  • Compliant to AS/NZ2201.5:2008.


Housing Material: Metal powder coated – White 170 (W) x 205 (H) x 48 mm (D)
Dimensions: 138 (W) x 100 mm (H)
Weight: 1.00 Kg
Operating Enviornment: 0° – 50° @ 15% to 85% humidity (non condensing)
Antenna: Triple band 3G & Dual Band 4G
Modem: Quectel EC21
Communication Protocol: Ethernet (10/100BASE-T)
Power: 14.5V DC Plug pack – Supplied (Plug pack must have approval if using other)
Power Consumption: Standby: 0.05A, Transmitting: 0.60A
Power Reporting: Powered from 14.5V plug pack
DC -Fail: <11.8V DC DC - Restore: >12.8V DC
Battery Status:
Battery Fail: <11.6V DC (Event delayed for 10 mins) Battery Restore: >12.5V DC (Event sent immediately)
Backup Battery: 12V/1.2AH Sealed lead acid battery
Typical Backup Time: 16 hrs
Auxiliary Input: Three (3) 24Hr inputs, state change detected every second. EOL 3.3k
Tamper Input: 24Hr input. No EOL
Auxiliary Output: Three (3) Open collector outputs @50mA (max). Function control using Atlas web portal and/or ‘Pocket Secure’ app.
Static IP Network Configuration: Ethernet interface using ‘IpSetup‘ program Atlas web portal download using cellular 4G connection
Data Security: AES Encryption
Data Modem: 14.4K baud rate modem for upload/download
Supported Modulation: Bell-103, ITU-V21/V22/V22B
Serial Interface: Consult PM1048 manual for compatible panels
Communications Class: As per compliance statement
Approvals: EN301489, EN301908, EN62311, EN60950-1, EN55022, EN55024 AS/NZ S60950.1, AS/CA S042.1, AS/CA S042.4

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