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What do Locksmiths do?

That’s a great question, because there is a lot of misconception around what is involved in being a locksmith. Think about how many doors you go through everyday … Whether that’s getting into your car, going into work, opening locked cu...

What are the different ways Locksmiths can gain entry to your home?

Have you ever found yourself Locked out in Brisbane, and thought if I call a Locksmith how will they get in? Will they have to damage anything? The answer is 99.9% of the time .. No. Locksmiths are highly trained in gaining entry to almost...

How to become a Locksmith in Brisbane?

Locksmithing, just like any trade is an apprenticeship that you can complete through your local TAFE or Skills College in Australia. This apprenticeship is generally between 3-4 years, but being competency based can be completed sooner. It is co...

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