Cameras & Alarms

Professional Camera and Alarm Installation

Glitch Free Camera and Alarm Installation

Lock2Lock are dedicated to providing you with the best in-home and/or business camera and alarm installation. Cameras and alarms are a necessary addition to securing your home and providing a deterrent for burglaries. Our locksmith services can cater to any property and budget and can be as simple or as complex as you like, there are no limits.

Cameras & Alarms

We offer the highest quality camera and alarm installation to ensure a glitch free, 100% user satisfaction experience. Some of the products we have installed to date include:

  • High Definition Cameras which link to your phone and an in home monitor system.
  • Door sensors/readers to set off alarms
  • Sensors that detect glass breakage close by (using sound) to set off alarms
  • Remote access to unlock doors using an app linked to your complete security system

If you would like to take this step in securing your home, give us a call and we can arrange a camera and alarm installation specialist to come and discuss your needs and wants to suit your property.

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Cameras & Alarms

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