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AMC Promask Dual Tech Det. w- Full Anti-Mask&Noise Reduction

Product Code: AMPMD

Promask is the first born of a new generation of high-end digital detectors DT from AMC, indeed the functional features and multiple updates allows this detector to be on of the best products on the market.

Some updates:

  • Anti-Masking active on both technologies.
  • Noise Reduction function for installation problems in terms of noise.
  • Activation and deactivation of the Microwave Emission according to system status.
  • Internal/built in Accelerometer, with position recognition, vertical and horizontal, with tamper, removing, mechanical shocks and orientation notifications with no need of any connection to the wall.

Technical Features Promask
En 50131-2-4 / Grade 2 Yes
Range 20 Mt
Angle 90°
Lens Fresnel
Microwave Frequency 9.3 – 9.9 – 10.5 Ghz
Microwave Emitted Power 10 mW Impuls
Alarm Time 2’’
Alarm Type And – Or – Auto Or
Walk Test’s Led (MW & PIR) Yes
Cover Tamper Yes
Back Tamper With Accelerometer
Alarm Contact 100 mA – 40 V – 2.5 – 16 Ω
Pulse Counter Yes
RFI Protection 30 V/m
Temperature Compensation Yes
Digital Analysis Yes
Bracket Available Yes
Power Supply 13.8 Vdc
Consumption 32 mA
Housing ABS
Operating Temperature From -10°C To 40°C
Dimensions 130 x 65 x 40 mm


Brand AMC
Finish White
Type of Detector PIR with Anti Masking