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Alarm Keypads & Readers

Product Code: AMBKP

AMC LCD back-light remote keypad displays 32 characters on two lines.

Two configurable lines as inputs and/or outputs; 3 signalling LEDs.

Compatible with ‘K’ and ‘X’ series.

Protective front door.

Programmable keys for quick commands.

Dimensions: 135 (W) x 116 (H) x 24 mm (D).

    • Power supply voltage: 13.8Vdc.
    • Rated current: 35mA.
    • Maximum current: 50mA.
    • Compatible with: K series and X series panel.
    • Addresses adjustable from the menu without the use of mechanical dip-switches.
    • Adjustable back-lighting time.
    • Language characters selection.
    • Buzzer for sounder input and output time.
    • Enable / disable switch tamper from menu.
    • Signalling LED:

Green LED on: system ready (all areas closed).
Yellow LED on: new event to be read in event log.
Red LED on: control unit activated.


Brand AMC