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AMC SS14 Digital Dual Input Seismic Detector & Reed Switch

Product Code: AMSS14

SS14 is a vibration/inertial detector designed for the protection of windows, cabinets, fixtures, and so on. It has a high-precision vibration sensor, which allows to determine the type of shock and/or vibration caused by an attempt to break through or forcing a frame.

It is not necessary to use pulse analysis boards since everything is processed within the sensor itself.

It is equipped with 2 channels, contact REED and INERTIAL / FLIP.

Technical Features SS14
Power Supply 13.8 Vdc
Consumption 23 mA
Alarm Time 2 Sec
Cover Tamper Yes
RFI Protection 30 V/m
Digital Analysis Yes
Housing ABS
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Dimensions 37 x 78 x 21 mm


Brand AMC
Finish White
Type of Detector Seismic/Shock Detector with Reed Switch